Computational Optimization

Research on optimization of resources and infrastructure in diverse areas like economics and finance, logistics, electrical and electronics engineering, industrial processes, telecommunications, hydraulics and agriculture. We emphasize solutions to multi-objective optimization problems.


Materials and Nanotechnology

We aim to research, develop and process materials with applications to biomaterials for medicine and odontology. We look to improve the quality of life of society in conjunction with national and internationals associations.


Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Research in mathematics and computer science applied to fluid dynamics, mechanics and transportation, aquifers, lakes and rivers, sedimentation, oil and gas reservoirs.


Image Processing

We develop methods and techniques that guarantee software quality in different areas of informatics and new technologies like Health Informatics and others.


Software Engineering

Desarrollamos métodos y técnicas que garantizan la calidad del software en diferentes áreas de la informática y nuevas tecnologías como la Informática de la Salud y otras.



We aim to discover, develop and apply computational techniques to solve relevant problems in Biology. We emphasize interdisciplinary research between biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and software.


Theoretical Computer Science

This is the theoretical core of computer science where we study the limitations and capabilities of models of computation. We do research in computational complexity, algorithms, cryptography, algebraic complexity, quantum computing.